PayPal Is Blizzard’s Good Partner When Fighting Against Gold Selling

PayPal Is Blizzard's Good Partner When Fighting Against Gold Selling

With the rapid technology developing, there are more and more online payment methods, such as Paypal and credit or debit card. Accoding to a survey, the higher the level of knowledge of people more like online payment methods. As to wow players, most players are like to pay via Paypal. As I know, many wow gold gold selling companies are providing Paypal payment method.

PayPal has been a payment alternative for World of Warcraft subscription time for a while now, as far more payment options to the online game open up new players who don’t necessarily desire to spend via a credit or debit card. You can also purchase online game time straight from the Blizzard store, but you still need a credit card to purchase online game time codes. There is an fascinating relationship brewing behind closed doors.

What does it imply when companies are friends, really? Is it all about mutually valuable corporate positions and ventures? That’s section of it, sure. There are other factors, including motives and industry outlook, that are a large section of the PayPal/Blizzard paradigm.

Remember back when PayPal issued those letters to gold selling companies overseas that it absolutely was going to investigate their businesses and make judgments on whether to remove those companies’ capability to accept PayPal like a payment option? Blizzard experienced initially complained to PayPal about overseas gold selling operations selling Blizzard intellectual property that violated Blizzard’s rights. From there, PayPal sent notices to gold sellers informing them of Blizzard’s report and asked these companies to fill out objection records to the infringement claims. The whole work was potentially hollow but also potentially a large step in terms of the Blizzard/PayPal relationship.

The most widely employed payment alternative for gold selling is PayPal. As most of us know, gold selling isn’t seriously slowing down, and the dangers of gold farming have switched from in-game farming disruption to out-of-game account compromising. PayPal stands to make a complete lot of cash from transaction fees based on gray market gold sales and doesn’t exactly have the incentive to cut these gold sellers out of the loop. However, the endgame objectives of Blizzard now fuse with PayPal’s interests far over ever — why have X amount of potentially infringing transactions when we are able to give you Y amount of acceptable transactions and adding the PayPal service as an accepted payment alternative for all stuff

PayPal was fine with fighting wow gold selling with letters and stern warnings before. Now, PayPal is in the position to cut sellers off completely, with Blizzard as an even bigger partner. That is not a good news for wow gold selling companies.