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Gorgeous “cupcakes” , Anyone?


Spa-sock cupcakes make great “Santa-Christmas” gifts, stocking party favors. “With a pinch of creativity, you can decorate cupcake wrappers however you would like using items you already have, right? Let us see, how you can bake them up!


Cupcake Supplies:

Spa socks, a fuzzy style

Rubber band

Solid decorative paper cardstock or scrapbook paper.

Scotch tape

Glue dots

Ribbon to coordinate your paper and sock colors

Buttons, sparkles, tags or whatever other bling of your choice

Cellophane cupcake bags


Paper cutter and scissors

Folded edge punch

Optionals: paper crimper

Hot glue gun or strong quick drying glue


1. Take out all tags from the socks. Lay them straight, one on top of another. Starting from the toe end, roll the socks, keeping the non-heel edge even as you roll. Tie a rubber band on the lower half of the sock roll to keep it safe. So, one edge of your sock roll will be flat; which becomes the bottom of your cupcake.

2. Now, using your fingers, pull on the upper edges of cupcake to make the edges of sock look like curls of frosting. In case, you pull the frosting too high, smash it down using your hand until you get the look you desire.

3. To prepare cupcake wrappers, cut scrap paper 2½ inches wide and long enough to circle up the rolled up sock and to overlap by an inch, generally 6 to 7 inches.

4. Turn and move the paper strip into a circular shape. Overlap the edges by ½ inch and secure with tape.

5. Place the rolled socks into cupcake wrappers and position it as per your liking.

6. Use ribbon and make a bow to be stuck in wrapper front. You can also use buttons, snowflakes, flowers or tags to decorate your bow.

7. Use cupcake toppers if desired.

As a final touch, locate your cupcake in a clear cellophane bag and tie its top with ribbon.

You can create your own cupcake toppers too if desire. Using buttons, bows or pom poms and toothpicks, you can also create toppers of your own design. You can even stamp images using ink colors. Another option is to buy online, you can get all these supplies at a one cake stop destination such as planet bake.

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