Diablo 3 Legend EquipmentS Have Unique Attribute Types

Diablo 3 Legend EquipmentS Have Unique Attribute Types

According to a picture In Gamescom, we can see that legend items is not as good as we think. And its drop rate is only 0.0001%. It may force us to buy Diablo 3 gold to buy good item or equip. I hope not so.

Some players have doubt at the equipment attribute. They see the attribute is linear type in Gamescom.

But Bashiok said it was not have one type. The tooltip players see in Gamescom is just one example and it is not mean that’s what we have designed. Attribute is one of correction, such as weapons and armor in the game, we will do well, as much as possible before the Diablo 3 shipment go out, and then we will gradually improve it.

They have done most of the base of development are all prepared for the foundation, increase basic attributes, elemental damage, attack speed and casting speed, and such as reply certain arcane energy consumption after spell crit, get an extra treatment from blood cell and to increase the blood of scope, cent range, etc. These powerful attributes are just some examples.

All in all, what players should know is that the things appeared in Gamescom is just less part of the game design which can’t present the game. And each equip has its own unique attribute.