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Best Keratin Treatments – Nanogen fibres

Benefits of Nanofibres:

Since the introduction of Nanofibres and before; the worlds hair loss industry has become flooded with many products claiming to solve hair problems and giving immediate results, India is no exception and many companies, even hair restoration clinics and even professional hair transplant Doctors try to sell to the vast amount of people who will be very easily lead to believe that the solution is a simple oil treatment on the scalp, or even a very expensive hair transplant.

Nanogen fibres have been duplicated worldwide and many of these inferior products are being brought to the shelves to be sold as similar to the highly acclaimed nanogen branded fibres. Remember cheap is not always the better value for money, for example cheaper fibres look the same, may even have more grams, have a very good looking packaging but ‘not all that glitters is gold’.


The inferior fibres are very synthetic and the products have been known to cause rash and irritation to the scalp area, because the fibres do not carry the unique electrostatic, the tiny fibres fall onto the scalp and cover the pores, this can be unhealthy for the scalp and those suffering from Hair Loss, this situation can aggravate the hair problem even further.

Heavy Weight Fibres

The fibres used in Nanogen are the best quality of natural hair, being the tips of the hair, these are thin, light weight and the best and most natural looking, thereafter the rest of the hair is discarded as waste, alot of the times; it is this waste product that is bought cheaply and sold in the tins of these “copy cat” companies. With these heavy weight fibres the hair is weighed down and the fibres are not as comfortable to use as the feather light Nanofibres.

Electrostatic Charge

Nanogen has developed a cutting edge technology to charge the fibres with positive and negative charges that are contained and generated within the scientifically made jars; this charge is proven to be 200% more than the leading competitor. With this charge the hair is attached to each hair, in an even fir tree pattern that looks and feels more natural. With use of the other fibres one will notice that in strong winds, the fibres are blown out or even dislodged.

Colour Fastness

The unique colour match is a very important confidence aspect of the Nanofibres, when in rain or even perspiration, the fibres do not leak any colour, imagine when with friends and the sweat on your head has a brownish colour and your friends comment about it? This could be very hard to explain and quite embarrassing. You can be very confident that Nanofibres will never leak colour that could spoil your clothes, pillows or even your image.


When one considers how much thought sensitivity to the customer’s needs and the research and development applied to each aspect of the fibres, we can be assured of only the best quality of hair treatment, and hair loss products.

With the Indian climate; heavy rains in monsoon and the extreme heat, it is very important that these considerations are made to keep our customers happy and satisfied. In India more and more people are sensitive to their Hair Thinning and hair fall, they prefer to be discreet and not only conceal their baldness but to hide the fact that they are using and products for their problem with less hair.

This is why nanogen Nanofibres are also discreetly packed and shipped with no outer markings; you can even keep your products on the shelves without any one in your own home knowing that you use Hair Thickening Products.